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Fall 2013 2013
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Registration Dates:
2013-08-20 – Sun Aug 25 23:59:59 EDT 2013 early bird
Mon Aug 26 00:00:00 EDT 2013 – Sun Sep 22 23:59:59 EDT 2013 regular
Mon Sep 23 00:00:00 EDT 2013 – 2013-09-28 late
Frazier Park
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun between 5:00pm and 6:00pm

Co-Ed Social

Team Fees
Early Bird 40.0 per player
Regular 50.0 per player
Late 60.0 per player
Free Agent Fees
Early Bird 40.0
Regular 50.0
Late 60.0


Week 1: 9/29
Week 2: 10/6
Week 3: 10/13
Week 4: 10/20
Week 5: 10/27
Week 6: 11/3
Week 7: 11/10
Week 8: 11/17

Playoffs: 11/24

Who's ready for some Thursday Kickball? Join us in our awesome second season in Charlotte this Fall for some co-ed adult kickball in Uptown!

How does it work?

Each week, you'll come on out to Frazier Park (just north of Uptown), meet up with your teammates and play some co-ed kickball. After your games, you and your teammates will head on over to our nearby sponsor bar (TBD) for food, drinks and flip cup games!

We'll have TWO free parties during the season - kickoff and end-of-season - as well as free raffles and prizes, happy hours and other crazy fun social events.

In order to ensure you keep up-to-date on all the great social events and prizes, you should join our Meetup group and like our Facebook page. Please invite your friends to join, too!

What are the dates and team/game details?

Our 7-week season starts on Sunday, September 29th and game times will be at 5:00pm each week. You'll play one 50 minute game per week.

Teams must have 20-25 players per team, with up to eleven on the field at a time. Five players on the field must be male, five must be female, and one can be either sex. All players MUST have registered on our website in order to play - player substitutions are not allowed. Drinking alcohol on park property is strictly prohibited.

Teams will periodically be scheduled to referee games (before or after their games), so please make sure to read the kickball rules, so you're familiar with them.

What are the rules?

Please read through our kickball rules (PDF file).

What does it cost to join? Who is allowed to join?

  • Early bird: Our early bird price is just $40 per person and our early bird price will last until Sunday, August 25th.
  • Regular price: Our regular price is just $50 per person and the regular price begins on Monday, August 26th.
  • Late registration price: Our late price is $60 per person and the late registration price begins on Monday, September 23rd.

For that, you get a season of kickball, two free parties, raffles/prizes, happy hours and a variety of other social events.

To join, you must be 21 or older, have health insurance and agree to our terms and conditions. We're all in this to have fun and make friends, so please respect all referees, players and observers.

What if I'm joining alone or with just a couple of friends?

Not a problem! Feel free to join as a Free Agent and we'll place you onto a team OR simply choose a team name that sounds fun. If you're joining with friends, definitely coordinate amongst yourselves to join the same team. All teams in NAKID are fairly welcoming of new players and new friends! If you have more than a few friends joining with you, consider starting a team!

If you join as a Free Agent, we will be placing you onto a team on Monday, September 23rd.

How can I play for free?

There are a few ways!

Start a team. See the next section below on how to start a team. You will need at least 20 players on your team.

How do I start a team?

To start a team, simply begin the registration process for the day/time that you want to play, and register as a Team Captain. You'll be prompted to create your team from there. After your team is set up, email your friends and teammates and ask them to join!

For more information on being a captain, please see our Captains FAQs page.

We do reserve the right to place Free Agents onto teams that need players. Team sizes are a minimum of 20 players and a max of 25 players. This helps ensure that your team has the minimum number of players to play each week!

The last day to register a team is Monday, September 23rd. The final team list will be set on Monday, September 23rd and any team with fewer than 20 players may be merged with another team or have Free Agents added to their roster.

How do I get my team t-shirt?

We will be handing out t-shirts to team captains on the first day of games, and team captains will distribute t-shirts to their players. Anyone that registers after Monday, September 23rd will receive their team t-shirt on the 3rd week of games. So register early!

Have more questions?

If you have questions, please visit our How It Works page or contact us at

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