How It Works: Social Events

NAKID Social Sports is much more than just your everyday amateur sports league. Think of us as a social experience that consists of two themes: a variety of well-organized events combined with a fun season of recreational sports activities with your teammates.

Once per week, you'll meet up with your team at your assigned field or court and play against an opposing team. After your game, you'll head on over to our sponsor bar, where you'll eat, drink and socialize with your teammates. At some of our bars, you'll challenge your opponents to flip cup.

Throughout the season, we have a variety of social events that you're invited to, including our free parties, free movie screenings, happy hours and other events around the greater Charlotte area. To keep informed and to RSVP for all of our events, please join our Meetup group.

For prizes, promotional codes and other contests, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and friend us on Foursquare.

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